Distinguished Service to Journalism Award

The Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame presents this award to honor individuals for outstanding career contributions that support Indiana journalism in ancillary means. The contributions can be made, for example, through the areas of technology, business or freedom of information. Those three areas of service and support to journalism are intended to be flexible and broadly interpreted, rather than strictly and narrowly defined.

Anyone may nominate persons for this award; a majority vote of board members is required to grant the award. Nomination, voting and presentation dates coincide with dates used for selecting and inducting Hall of Fame members. The Board of Directors of the Hall of Fame has the latitude to determine what other ancillary contributions should be considered in selecting a recipient.

This award may be presented annually; however, there is no requirement to present this award in any given year.

Recipients per year
No more than one award may be presented during a calendar year.

Historical record
The Hall of Fame’s Executive Director shall keep an archival list of award recipients.


  • Receipt of this award does not make one a member of the Hall of Fame.
  • The award may be presented posthumously.
  • The actual “award” is a type of certificate, plaque or trophy, and its physical format may vary from year to year.


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