You Know Because We Were There

“You Know Because We Were There” is a video project produced by the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame in collaboration with Ball State University. The project features video interviews with Hall of Fame inductees.

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Donna Mikels Shea, 2007

Portrait of Donna Mikels SheaWhile still in high school, Donna Mikels Shea (1924-2018) was reporting for her hometown paper, the Leader-Tribune (now the Chronicle-Tribune) in Marion, Indiana, and stringing for the United Press (ultimately United Press International). With pluck and curiosity but without a college degree, she stormed the male bastion of the city room at the Indianapolis Times. On her second day on the job, she earned a rare page 1 byline. She covered breaking news, federal and world leaders and celebrities. She served as a columnist and as an assistant city editor. She later carved out a distinguished career in public relations. She described printer’s ink as the most precious liquid because of its power to move public opinion.

Videographers: Konnor Miller and Jake Thomas
Editor: Konnor Miller, Executive Producer: Linda Frances Negro and Co-executive producer: Phil Bremen
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