William A. Dyer · 1982

William Dyer has served his profession – and has served it well – for the past 59 years. But William Dyer has spent the past 6 decades on the other side of the desk. Bill Dyer is not a by-line on a daily newspaper, giving credence to the long-held position that there’s more to the newspaper business than reporters. Dyer now serves as president of Indianapolis Newspapers Incorporated and Muncie Newspapers Incorporated. William Dyer is the combination that successful newspapers need. He is a journalist-businessman. Dyer oversees all of the facets of the newspapers with a goal of producing a product which will be welcomed and, more importantly, trusted by the public. He is a stickler for detail and accuracy, he has spent his years in the business propelling employees toward excellence.

Bill Dyer entered the business as editor of the Brown University student newspaper. He then moved to Syracuse in 1923. He became general manager of the Indianapolis Star and Indianapolis News in 1949. Dyer became vice president of the Indianapolis newspapers in 1958 and president of the Indianapolis and Muncie newspapers in 1975.

William Dyer is the man who directs the journalists. He is a critical link in producing a quality publication day after day. He’s the man who makes sure that reporters and editors have the resources they need to do their job. His dedication to journalism is reflected in the fact that his reporters have the management support and money which is needed to gather the information which is critical to a free people.

Over the years, William Dyer has established himself as a dedicated and resourceful journalist and a concerned and responsible member of his community.


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