Eldon Campbell · 1988

This speech was read at his induction into the Hall of Fame.

Many honors, including honorary doctorates, have been bestowed upon Eldon Campbell during his busy, productive life, but he said last month the one we are bestowing on him here tonight will be the most cherished of all.

Much of the recognition has been for his pioneering work in television. But he started his career in 1936 as an announcer, writer and producer for several radio stations, including Fort Wayne’s WOWO. In 1950, he became general sales manager for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company in New York City.

In 1957, he returned to Indianapolis and his native Indiana to become vice president and general manager of WFBM Radio and TV, a position he held until 1974. While at WFBM, now WRTV Channel 6, the television station under his guidance established a firm reputation as the broadcast news leader in the state and set the standard for broadcast reporting.

He is a man, rare in the field, who is respected both in journalism and in advertising circles.

After leaving WFBM, he served for a year as director of the Indiana Department of Commerce, followed by stints at Hook Drugs and Indiana National Bank in advertising and public relations. He is a pioneer in cable television in Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Fort Wayne and Marion.

He says he retired 14 years ago. We don’t believe it. He has remained as one of th emost visible and effective civic leaders in Indianapolis, busy all the time as a volunteer in many areas.

Eldon is among the visionary leaders of Indianapolis who are responsible for the dramatic growth and revitalization of downtown Indianapolis. He has served on the Commission for Downtown, the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee and other groups without whose support little would have been accomplished.

His volunteer work encompasses many other areas, including the youth of the community and health. Like the awards he has won, the list of organizations to which he has given of his time, talents and wisdom are so numerous to read that we would bore Eldon. But volunteerism for him has been a lifelong avocation. Here’s what he recently said about it:

“I just felt it was a good thing for me to do – for myself, as a businessman, and for the community. Finally, I do it because I’m fortunate to be in a position to do things I get a great deal of satisfaction from.”

There’s more about this man – he describes himself as a devoted putterer, business golfer, lazy swimmer and compulsive photographer.

Now, Eldon, it’s your turn.


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