Edmund C. Gorrell · 1968

A 77-year veteran of the newspaper business, Edmund C. Gorrell was active in journalism from his early years on. Born in 1879, Gorrell began his journalistic career as a printer’s devil in 1891. He then moved into a number of positions through the years. He was a journeyman printer, a linotype operator and a make-up man. Later he was a reporter, columnist, manager, editor, and finally a publisher.

Raised in Winamac, Indiana, Gorrell became editor of the Pulaski County Journal in 1925, succeeding his father. His father, Joseph J. Gorrell, bought the Pulaski County Democrat in 1891, and a member of the Gorrell family has edited and published the Pulaski county seat newspaper since.
Gorrell, since joining the staff of the Pulaski County Journal, wrote a weekly column for the paper up until his illness. He was senior editor and publisher of the Pulaski County Journal at the time of his death in October, 1968. Gorrell was 89 at the time.

Gorrell was formerly an officer of the Hoosier State Press Association, and was also a member of the Indiana Democratic Editorial Association. He was inducted into the Indiana Journalism Hall of Fame by the Sigma Delta Chi Society of Professional Journalists.


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