Claude Mahoney · 1977

Claude Mahoney was a former reporter for The Indianapolis Star and a CBS radio commentator.
The highlight of Mahoney’s career of eight years with The Star was his assignment chasing bank bandit John Dillinger. According to Mahoney, he actually broke the news to Dillinger Sr. of his son’s death.

In 1936, he went to Washington and covered the White House for The Wall Street Journal. He then joined CBS while covering the White House for The Journal.

For thirty years he was a member of the National Press Club speakers committee. This post, that he assumed before World War II, was one which gave him much prominence among his contemporaries as he wielded his bell to call attention to those gathered. He enjoys meeting all sorts of dignitaries and celebrities in his bell-ringing announcements. He had a more than thirty year tenure at this job.


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